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How to Win an Argument

442px-Brooklyn_Museum_-_Argument_Irrésistible_-_Honoré_Daumier…without knowing anything!

Yes, you too can succeed in “reasoning” your way between anyone else’s logic by the use of these clever strategies.

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Strategy #1

Pass the buck – Tell them that since they can’t prove you wrong, then you must be right!

Strategy #2

Make it true – Argue that since you are obviously right, and everyone knows it, there is no point in arguing further.

Strategy #3

You have two choices – Tell them they must believe your view or something else totally outlandish. Do not allow for a third option.

Strategy #4

It must be so – Argue that for you to be wrong, you would have to change your whole worldview, so you must be right out of necessity.

Strategy #5

Appear reasonable – Argue that your position occupies the middle ground, so the other person is an extremist.

Strategy #6

Distract them – Argue some side issue that’s much easier to win. It’s much better than losing the big one.

Strategy #7

Barrage them – Make so many points that they can’t hope to respond to them all.

Strategy #8

Go for the throat – Prove that the other person is untrustworthy and cannot be believed. Variation: Do the same for their mother.

Strategy #9

Cherry pick – Find one time when your argument proved true. Base everything on that.

Strategy #10

Emotion – Make the conclusion of the other person’s position appear so unpleasant that no one would want it to be true.

Congratulations! Now you can be a winner without even knowing what you’re saying!