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God’s action in an evil world

I had the privilege of worshiping the Lord in music and in thought this morning. After an important message on the psychology and spiritual background to the evil actions of mankind from Dr. Ryan Darrow, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion that dealt with the following:

  1. What is evil?
  2. Where does evil come from?
  3. Can we be rescued from evil?
  4. Where is God when evil happens?
  5. What is God doing in this calamitous season?

View the service here: https://venue.streamspot.com/video/f99d9d4618

Please comment below with any questions you wish we would have addressed or any responses of your own. I’d love to sort through these questions together here.


How to Win an Argument

442px-Brooklyn_Museum_-_Argument_Irrésistible_-_Honoré_Daumier…without knowing anything!

Yes, you too can succeed in “reasoning” your way between anyone else’s logic by the use of these clever strategies.

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Strategy #1

Pass the buck – Tell them that since they can’t prove you wrong, then you must be right!

Strategy #2

Make it true – Argue that since you are obviously right, and everyone knows it, there is no point in arguing further.

Strategy #3

You have two choices – Tell them they must believe your view or something else totally outlandish. Do not allow for a third option.

Strategy #4

It must be so – Argue that for you to be wrong, you would have to change your whole worldview, so you must be right out of necessity.

Strategy #5

Appear reasonable – Argue that your position occupies the middle ground, so the other person is an extremist.

Strategy #6

Distract them – Argue some side issue that’s much easier to win. It’s much better than losing the big one.

Strategy #7

Barrage them – Make so many points that they can’t hope to respond to them all.

Strategy #8

Go for the throat – Prove that the other person is untrustworthy and cannot be believed. Variation: Do the same for their mother.

Strategy #9

Cherry pick – Find one time when your argument proved true. Base everything on that.

Strategy #10

Emotion – Make the conclusion of the other person’s position appear so unpleasant that no one would want it to be true.

Congratulations! Now you can be a winner without even knowing what you’re saying!